Tri-Clor houses and is part owner of A Better Cut LLC, a water jetting company. A Better Cut owns a WARD JET ZXL 2043.

The Z-Series is the most versatile water jet cutting system offered by WARDJet,  which provides the option to expand the tank depth, length, and width. With the addition of various accessories like taps, drills, cell phone pendant control, and cameras, the Z-Series has the flexibility to handle a wide variety of jobs. The robust frame and heavy duty construction make the Z-Series water jet cutter a dependable and reliable machine for production floors.

Common materials cut on the WARDJet Z-Series by A Better Cut:

            • FIBERGLASS (FRP/GRP)
            • STEEL
            • SHEET METAL
            • ALUMINUM
            • STONE
            • TILE
            • GLASS
            • WOOD
            • CONCRETE
            • COMPOSITES